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Tuŝis II Winners
August 2022 Special Edition


It is a real pleasure to announce the winners of Dek Unu Magazine’s summer contest - Tuŝis II – Vision and Craft Tuŝis means “touched” in Esperanto and the contest prospectus called for submissions of images that, through analog, digital, or hybrid processes, are “touched, manipulated, constructed, changed, shaped, tweaked, frobnicated, straightened, distorted, handled, molded, fixed, or transformed.”  Subtle or dramatic, straight(ish) or strange, every artist's touch shows a presence, a meaning, an intention, a "soul" beyond the literal subject matter.  Dek Unu looked to create a collection that celebrates the crafted image, revealing the creative and expressive effects of each artist’s touch.  From a very large number of submissions from North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, the jury announced five award winners:

Fernando Viscasillas, Vaune Trachtman, Diane Fenster, Suzette Dushi,

and the overall winner, Yvonne Dalschen.

All winners are part of the August 2020 special edition of Dek Unu Magazine which appears online and in print through 8/31/2022.  Each artist's series and commentary appears in a single section of the magazine and the entire issue is promoted extensively via email, web, and social media during the month-long run. Artist's portfolio and inquiry links are published in both editions of the magazine and in perpetuity in Dek Unu Gallery, where a sample of each Dek Unu artist's work becomes part of the permanent collection.

The call for submissions for next year's contest, Tuŝis 3, will go out on June 1, 2023, and complete details will be published at at that time.

     Next Year's Tuŝis
 Deadline:  July 1, 2023

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       Helping artist-photographers create and publicize a resum­­é of significant successes is our central mission at Dek Unu Arts.  Founded by photo-artists for photo-artists,  Dek Unu Arts publishes and promotes quality fine art photography through Dek Unu Magazine and by sponsoring brand-building announcements, exhibitions, and media and educational events.  Sourcing new work with international open call competitions, we advertise winners' work and identities globally, through Dek Unu's list of artists, gallerists, and curators as well as its extensive web and social media network. 

Dek Unu was founded by photo-artists to provide a respectable and respectful alternative to (and refuge from) more typical commercial outlets. 

For us, "respectable" means selecting quality work from artists of all backgrounds and pedigrees, keeping to high curatorial standards, and presenting each edition to an interested and literate audience.  For us, a "respectful" magazine puts artists, not advertisers, first, creates each issue in close collaboration with its artist, presenting and promoting the artists as the main course, not just the garnish.

       In keeping with our mission, Dek Unu Arts is not-for-profit, does not accept outside advertising of any kind. We publish one artist's work and words in each of our regular issues at no cost to our artists. This attracts extraordinary talent and gives us a great deal of editorial freedom to publish adventurous art.  However, although we operate on a shoestring budget, we can't rely on advertising revenue to pay all of the bills.  Our annual contest helps us continue to provide this resource to the community and to deliver exemplary service to our artists.


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Tel: (860) 706-9946

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