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Dek Unu Says:  News, Announcements, Calls
September 9, 2019

Winners Announced - International Exhibit and Book Launch

It is a real pleasure to announce the winners of Dek Unu Magazine’s summer contest - Tuŝis – Manipulated Photography.  Tuŝis means “touched” in Esperanto and the contest prospectus called for submissions of images that, through analog, digital, or hybrid processes, are “touched, manipulated, constructed, changed, shaped, tweaked, frobnicated, straightened, distorted, handled, molded, fixed, or transformed.”  Subtle or dramatic, straight(ish) or strange, every artist's touch shows a presence, a meaning, an intention, a "soul" beyond literal subject matter.  Dek Unu looked to create a collection which celebrates the crafted image, revealing the creative and expressive effects of each artist’s touch.  From a very large number of submissions from North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, the jury selected six finalists: Birdy TgDale O’DellDieter SetzChristopher Paul Brown, cover artist, Sonia Melnikova-Raich, and the overall winner, Ela Kurowska.

The winning images and each artist’s bio and statement are combined in an exhibition online at Dek Unu Gallery ( and in print, through Blurb Books, published as "Tuŝis-Manipulated Photography" - search for "Tusis".


Proceeds of sales of print editions support not-for-profit Dek Unu Magazine and its parent organization, Dek Unu Arts, and will help to fund future projects promoting international artists and fine art photography.  Each Tuŝis artist's individual contact information is included in both the Gallery show and in each of the books for direct communication and further inquiries.

Hardcover   ISBN: 9780464331315

Paperback   ISBN: 9780464331353

Dek Unu Arts invites you also to visit Dek Unu Magazine ( for monthly solo portfolios, themed and curated by each artist alone. Each issue features an extended portfolio and in-depth interview with a single artist from somewhere out there in the world of fine art photography.  

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