About Scam Contests

Some contests exist only to promote the artwork of the sponsor or to profit some individual or advertiser at the expense of the contributing artists. Some contests charge exorbitant submission fees. Some contests advertise big prizes that are not delivered.  Some contests harvest art copyrights from creators. Some contests advertise celebrity jurors who do not actually review any of the submissions.   Scam contests like these are anathema and give legitimate contests a bad name.


Please know that  we are not them!

Dek Unu Arts is the parent organization for Dek Unu Magazine.  Both Dek Unu Arts (the sponsor of this contest) and Dek Unu Magazine are not-for-profit and exist solely to publish and promote fine art photography and photoartists. Neither Dek Unu Arts nor the magazine accepts any advertising whatsoever. Submissions to the magazine, which publishes solo fine-art photography portfolios online monthly at www.dekunumag.com, are always free to artists. Our contests and the sales of print copies of the magazine are used 100% to provide honoraria for featured artists and the magazine and to sustain the life of Dek Unu Arts, its websites, its hosting service, its printing service bureau, and all of the costs associated with providing an advertiser-free outlet for the best fine art photographers we can find. Both the magazine and the Dek Unu Arts "office" are volunteer-staffed and we pursue grants and donations to offset costs whenever possible.


Both Dek Unu Magazine and Dek Unu Arts were founded by photoartists for photoartists. The jury for our contests is the same jury that has handled portfolio selections for Dek Unu Magazine since its first issue.  We are very proud of our international focus, our high standard of quality, and of the "star-treatment" service we provide to our artists.  For an inkling of the scope of our publications, the quality of image-makers we support, and integrity of the professional staff at Dek Unu Arts, please see the current edition and back issue archive of the magazine at www.dekunumag.com.