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Color photomanipulation by Roger Leege

Touched. Manipulated, Constructed, Changed, Shaped. Re-shaped. Tweaked, Frobnicated. Straightened. Distorted. Handled. Molded. Fixed. Transformed.

Deadline:  July 1, 2023

Tuŝis means "touched" in Esperanto. Subtle or dramatic, straight(ish) or strange, every artist's touch shows a presence, a meaning, an intention, a "soul" beyond literal subject matter. Tuŝis III will be a collection of extraordinary examples of "manipulated" images from the international photo community that shows something of each artist's unique touch and singular soul.

Thanks for sharing the call for Tuŝis III to our friends at:

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Submit (5) images as web-resolution  (72 ppi) .jpgs at 1280 px (max) on the longer side as individual files attached to an email to dekunuarts [at] gmail [dot] com
Selected artists will submit print-resolution images separately.

Format filenames exactly:   ImageNumber_First_Last_Title_of_Image.jpg

    e.g. If your name is Jerry Uelsmann:




In the body of the email, (not attached files), please include these three:

  1.  a brief bio (150 words, max) This is published with the portfolio.

  2.  a brief but informative (350 words, max) explanatory note about your submission.  This is published with the images, so include what we need to know to appreciate the work.  Tell the story. Anything goes: mission, process, technique, sources, themes, or...

  3. and your links: website, social media, etc.

Entry fee:  $30 USD for 5 images.    $5/additional image.


Pay entry fee with PayPal only, please.  Send to  - @DekUnuMagazine 

Link to Dek Unu at PayPal

All selected artists' entry fees are refunded. Jurors' top choice is awarded $250 USD

Deadline: July 1, 2023

Dek Unu Arts is not-for-profit and accepts no outside advertising whatsoever.

Your submission to the current call for entries establishes that you are the owner of copyright to all images and that none are obligated or currently under contract elsewhere.  You grant Dek Unu Arts a non-exclusive license to use selected images for publication and promotional purposes online at, in promotional postings on web and social media, and in a single print volume created by Dek Unu Arts.  Dek Unu Arts establishes you continue to own all copyrights and that none of the photographs may be downloaded, stored, printed, manipulated, distributed, or used in any form without your prior permission. Works published by Dek Unu Arts are protected under domestic and international copyright laws and are not considered to be public domain.



Top 5:

All selected artists' images and links are published in Tuŝis III, a special edition of Dek Unu Magazine.  Like the regular issues of the magazine, this edition will be available at free online during the publication month.

Cash Prizes:

All selected artist's submission fees are refunded and the jurors' top selection is awarded $250 USD. 


The Tuŝis III print edition will be published in paperback and e-reader formats.  In full-color, the print edition is printed on #80 acid-free paper,  perfect-bound in heavier, light gloss cover stock.

Other Benefits:

With the publication of the special edition of Dek Unu, all winners' work, names, and links will be promoted widely via email, web, and Dek Unu's extensive social media network, facilitating identity- and brand-building exposure.  Dek Unu Arts sends letterhead press releases to artists' own news outlets, contacts, clients,  colleagues, and collaborators on request. 

The catalog of the online exhibit is permalinked for artists' later reference in documentation, resumés, grant applications, show proposals, etc., after the end of the publication month.  Dek Unu Arts supplies authenticating correspondence and references to support artists' future endeavors on request.


About Us

       Helping artist-photographers create and publicize a resum­­é of significant successes our central mission.  Founded by photo-artists for photo-artists,  Dek Unu Arts publishes and promotes high-quality fine art photography through monthly editions of Dek Unu Magazine and by sponsoring brand-building announcements, exhibitions, and media and educational events.  Sourcing new work with international open call competitions, we advertise winners' work and identities globally, through an extensive list of artists, gallerists, and curators as well as its widely-subscribed web and social media network. 

        Our goal is to provide a respectable and  respectful alternative to (and refuge from) more typical commercial outlets. For us, "respectable" means selecting quality work from artists of all backgrounds and pedigrees, keeping to high curatorial standards, and presenting each edition to an interested and literate audience.  For us, a "respectful" magazine puts artists, not advertisers, first. For us, respect creating each issue in close collaboration with its creator, honoring each artist's individual creative vision. 

       In keeping with our mission, Dek Unu Arts is not-for-profit and we do not accept outside advertising of any kind. We publish eleven issues per year at no cost to our artists. This attracts extraordinary talent and gives us a great deal of editorial freedom to publish adventurous art.  However, although we operate on a shoestring budget, we can't rely on advertising revenue to pay all of the bills.  Our annual contest helps us continue to provide this resource to the community and to deliver exemplary service to our artists.


Thank you. Message received.

Quebec Bell, selective color image by Roger Leege

Contact Us

Dek Unu Arts

1618 San Silvestro Drive

Venice, Florida  34285

dekunuarts [at] gmail [dot] com

Tel: (860) 706-9946

GDPR Privacy Statement:  Our mailing list is strictly private and is not used for any purpose other than messaging to the list from the staff of Dek Unu Arts. We DO NOT sell, lend, or allow any third parties access to our mailing list. We DO hold your name and your email address.  We DO NOT request or hold your postal address, telephone number, credit card or bank details, all money exchanges with Dek Unu are handled via PayPal.  Our correspondence host is Google whose privacy policy is here.  Our web-hosting service is provided  by WIX whose privacy policy is here.  

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