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Dek Unu Magazine's reference source for work and words from past featured artists and contest winners 

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Dek Unu Arts, through its contests, reviews, open calls, and referrals is privileged to collect extraordinary images from the international photo-art community and to provide on-going access to the artists' work and professional contact links here.  Along with artworks stored for display in individual galleries, Dek Unu provides web, social, email, and other essential links to the member artists and their work through its permanent collection in order to expedite contact between these artists, potential customers, and the wider world.  Unlike other galleries which assess artists a large fraction of represented sales proceeds, not-for-profit Dek Unu Gallery treats all fees as optional to its artists and splits the proceeds of each month's sales with the artist. 

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Dek Unu Gallery is the permanent collection

of selected work, words, and contact links for featured artist-photographers from the back issue archive

of the magazine.  Please click on names above

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