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Ricardo Imperatore

Brazilian photographer, Ricardo Imperatore, is also a musician, producer, writer,  and social activist.  As is the case with all multi-disciplinary artists, each of Imperatore’s arts influences the others.  His brand of documentary photography:  informal, playful, involved and passionate - reflects his music: electric, eclectic, personal and uniquely entertaining.  Both are wrapped around his love and loss relationship to Gamboa, Little Africa, Rio de Janeiro.  The self-described “Boy from Ipanema” is currently an expatriate in Portugal, where the language is the same but the rhythm could not be more different.  This issue tells some of the story of what he left behind and what will always remain with him. 

"Gamboa is magical, mystical. One can’t describe the feelings that go through the heart and soul when walking in the area.  So much cultural history: Pedra do Sal, site of an original quilombo village, center of “Little Africa”, birthplace of the samba, birthplace of Brazil’s Carnaval.  (I can tell you, I’ve been there, and it’s pure joy and love!) Despite its many problems, the people from Gamboa gave the world a very special gift, endless happiness."

ricardoimperatore [at] me [dot] com                                     

Dek Unu Paperbook:  Ricardo Imperatore     

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