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Jordan McAfee

Jordan McAfee's narrative portraits are the result of a creative collaboration between the McAfee and performance artist "Shane."  They stage their stories in unlikely but evocative spaces - rooftops, abandoned buildings, biker bars.  These are atmospheric and elusive works, often dark, sometimes comic, about loneliness, gender identity, the fluidity of transformation, and the tragedy of the human condition.

"I found a barn I was interested in renting.  When I approached the owner initially, she was fine with us shooting there but wanted to know exactly what the shots were going to be and for them to be recorded in a contract. The location had an Instagram profile and one of their posted images was a woman in her underwear in the window of the barn - so I told them that we were going to recreate the same image using Shane as the model.  They immediately shot back "that doesn't work for us" because they were worried about their barn's 'reputation.'"

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