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Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson has spent 20 years as a professional photographer specializing in documentary projects involving children.  She has photographed children from Laos to Cuba, from the Amazon to India.  Her work here was created over repeated visits to Ireland and focuses on Irish Travellers, the much-maligned and isolated ethnic minority that has alternately withdrawn from and fought against discrimination for centuries.  Her close involvement the community that is normally suspicious of outsiders, speaks volumes about her ability to inspire trust and her photos make it clear that beautiful photos are as much about compassion and respect as about Leicas and lenses.​

Beneath the divisions and distinctions of adult reality, Johnson  finds a universality in the world of children and her work celebrates the faces of the next generation of Travellers.  These black and white environmental portraits show these kids as they are, both guarded and open, both private and proud, and as they want to be seen, candid and confident, stylish and strong.

"It is with an honest heart that I hope to show that these beautiful children have great hopes and goals and work every day to reach their dreams, no matter how hard they have to fight the racism and stereotypes that have been placed on them for centuries.  A child is an innocent, happy, precious part of the world and should be loved and accepted and encouraged no matter where or how they live."

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