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Linda Hogan

Linda Hogan lives and works in Montpelier, Vermont.  She is a multi-disciplinary practitioner  – photographer, painter, writer, and teacher.  Her work is a perfect illustration of the mantra that the artist “sees” rather than “looks.”  She walks most days,  camera in hand, and rarely strays beyond the city limits.  Montpelier is the smallest state capital in the United States. Ringed by hills and decorated by the Winooski  River, the city is beautiful, in New England’s way – rich in colorful details that can escape the notice of civilians but often arrest the attention of the painter, the writer, and, in particular, the photographer.  In haiku and photography, Hogan puts a frame around the ubiquitous and makes it particular, the invisible becomes beautiful, and the apparently simple is revealed to be far from it.

"My grandmother was an artist and a true renaissance woman. She painted, was a printmaker, did collage and paper making, collage, sumi painting, and sculpture.  She was a silversmith and also created cloisonné pieces. Instead of sending me to summer camp, she had me study painting with a few of her friends who were Provincetown painters. We were very close and she was my first and best art mentor. She taught me about composition, color theory, design, hues and values. Against my stepfather’s wishes about my college choice, (he wanted me to go to a liberal arts college), she subsidized my art education at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Email: paragraphics at pshift dot com

Facebook:  /linda.hogan.9022

Snail: 9 Franklin Street, Montpelier, VT 

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