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Judith Rayl

Imagine an artist-photographer whose medium is light and whose subjects are water and glass, who sees the artwork-to-be in the wall of windows before tripping the shutter.  Judith Rayl is that artist-photographer. These images are single-capture abstractions, made without layering, filtering, or image manipulation.  Many photographers use multiple exposures, mixed media, and a smorgasbord of digital effects to create their abstract images, but Rayl demonstrates how it can be done without montage, distortion, or extensive post-processing.  With closely-fitted original poetry as part of her portfolio, she weaves a story of the healing power of beauty and the power of the artist’s eye.

I work through instinct and intuition.  I use my iPhone for all my photographs.  Photography appears to have chosen me. I had no conscious intent of becoming an artist, and had no prior experience or evidence of my artistic talent. My art is a spontaneous visual, emotional response to what I encounter around me. I love color and optics. The composition of my pieces is based on what’s most pleasing to my eye. It is about surprise and being in the moment – choosing presence.

I call it "creative fugue." I refer to my photos as “found abstractions.” Within each moment of photography, I trust that I will be shown what I need to capture and communicate. I don’t know what I’m looking for until I see it and I am somehow captured by it. I often wander freely, either walking or on my bike. I want my sole focus to be on gathering the images. I allow myself time for exploration. Generally, only a handful of exposures happen before I move on to the next image. When I return home, I review the photos in larger format on my computer to see if any of them speak an essential truth that I’m trying to communicate.

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