Rinat Zemach/Mali Aroesti

Multi-disciplinary conceptual artist Rinat Zemach and photographer Mali Aroesti combine talents to tell a tale of appearance fading to reality, dreaming followed by awakening.  A woman, in a wedding dress with flowers in her hair, asleep in a huge pile of plastic toys.  The same woman in the same dress with her second child, both sitting motionless on playground equipment staring, expressionless, into the middle distance. The “bride” under an orange full moon, tending a fire where dreams are burning.  The imagery is surreal but the message is clear. When the caricatures dance along the edge of stereotype, they still talk sense.  The sexual politics is sharply-pointed, but packaged with humor and composed in sharp focus and brilliant color. At the end of the story, the bride may be lost and the dream may be broken, but the infinite cycles of creative life continue.

"My story is also the story of many women who try to be “the perfect mother.”  In this pursuit, we lose our voice and place, and learn to suppress our emotions.  There were women who asked me if this is how I feel about my motherhood and I replied that it is a complex issue. In mothers, there is a feeling of fullness and satisfaction; but, at the same time, also feelings of suffocation and a feeling of loss of self-identity. I think this project expresses the feelings of every woman who is collapsing from the burden expected of her at this stage – to be a career woman, educated, to be a good partner, while continuing to be a good mother – in short, to be a superwoman.

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     Website: www.art-of-spirit.net
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Contact Mali Aroesti:

     Website: www.maliaroesti.com
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