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Ron Cooper

Although, by its nature,  photography both records and informs the memories and aspirations of societies,  Cooper is most interested in the ways that photography celebrates the individuals whose unique lives and personalities actually populate their societies and the world.  In its focus on the specifics, this work provides an antidote to nativism, denial of history, and easy answers to complex problems by allowing us to see others more deeply as co-occupants of a planet that needs all the mutual understanding and creative collaboration that it can get. To paraphrase Edward Steichen’s assessment of photography in general, Ron Cooper’s images reveal both the beauty and confusion that man has created and his work is a clear voice in explaining man to man.

I work hard to make my approach and the entire process very respectful and I seek engagement, even collaboration, with subjects who are kind enough to pose for me. In instances where I arrange for people to come to a studio for a session, I pay a modeling fee and the subjects sign a model release. I often offer compensation to the people I meet and photograph. Sometimes people are very reluctant to accept cash but, after I explain that I have received value from the portrait session and from their time, they often accept. Does a small payment erase the imbalance that exists in these circumstances? Most certainly not but it feels appropriate and respectful to compensate people for their participation.

While I’m flattered to get favorable feedback on the “technical” aspects of my work, what I really want to hear is that viewers are “connecting” with the work at an emotional level. I want my work to be viewed as compelling, accessible, inspiring and emotionally moving.


Instagram:  @roncooperphotography

Email:  photo.roncooper at gmail dot com

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