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Madhur Dhingra

Trekking through Ladakh, in the Trans-Himalaya, a region that borders India, Tibet, Xinjiang, and northern Pakistan, Madhur Dhingra visited Buddhist monasteries in some of the most remote and beautiful locations imaginable.  A life-long reader of Buddhist philosophy, he visited these places both as a student and as an artist, absorbing both the scenery and the sacred science.  But, most importantly, Dhingra is a student of people, a street photographer who brings a new aesthetic to his candid images.  It is said among photographers that they do not “take” pictures, they “make” them.  Put another way, this series illustrates perfectly the photo-artist's maxim that, “We  don’t photograph things as they are but, rather, as we are.”

"Shooting people on the streets has always fascinated me. Those strange and unknown faces with their uncharted expressions and emotions enthral me to my very core. Going closer and closer to the chaos on the Indian streets, until I myself become a part of very chaos I want to shoot, has led me to capture my most memorable images. Each of my pictures needs to tell a story on its own and also be a part of a larger story to make them both coherent. I have never had any interest in singular images no matter how good they might be.  I love spontaneously created moments and real emotions, use them to create strong artistic images, and then weave them into a strong storyline.  Words and images then become a formidable pair in conveying what I need to say.

E-Mail: madhurdhingraimages at gmail dot com

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