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Yechiam Gal

Israeli multi-disciplinary artist Yechiam Gal’s semi-autobiographical, cartoon-like book, The Legend of the Goldbergers, is an astonishing adventure in visual and literary storytelling. It is a memoir, but a memoir in which Gal says he allows himself “extravagant fabrications” – an accurate, but entirely inadequate description for the excursion into fantasy that the work requires.  In both the images and the narrative, hugely disparate parts are blended together in bursts of color, confusion, and connections.  Gal the writer and Gal the image maker leave the straight edges of reality far behind in favor of myth and mystery.


During my journalistic period in New York, the editors of the European magazines with which I worked hinted that, if I didn't change my analog camera bag to a digital one, they probably wouldn't be able to provide me with assignments.  So overnight I became a digital photographer, with everything that implies. The transition to digital photography gave me an immediate opportunity for a very fundamental change in my ability to tell visual stories, and this is actually where the path toward “The Legend of the Goldbergers” began.




Email:         galx1949 at gmail dot com

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